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» Store » Specials » Weaving » Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Sticks & Stones" Silk Scarf

Kit - Weaving - Limited Edition "Sticks & Stones" Silk Scarf

Price: $99.95

LIMITED EDITION 4-Shaft, Silk Scarf Weaving Kit

Can you believe this intricate design is woven on just four shafts?!  Welcome to the wonderful world of Color and Weave!  

I’ve had Margaret B Windeknecht’s Color-and-Weave II book on my shelf for years, but just recently pulled it out to study it.  The color possibilities are practically endless, so deciding on a favorite was a challenge.  The small photo on page 6 of a scarf woven by Bianca Haglish, RSHM, became my inspirational starting point. 

First to recreate the Bianca’s draft—there was enough information to know that it was four advancing blocks of a 5-point twill, plus the color sequence used.  Once I "virtually wove" Bianca's scarf, the real fun started—playing with different color sequences. 

After too many trials to count (weaving software can be so addictive!), I settled on using the same color sequence in both the warp and the weft, selecting a sequence which is symmetrical around the points (p47, color sequence effect x in warp & weft). 

Yarn selection was much easier than the draft decisions!  Carmela, 100% muga silk, comes straight from the cocoon as a honey gold color and pairs beautifully with any of our natural-dye colors, but especially the reds.  Zola, 100% bombyx silk, is a similar grist (size) as Carmela--and this silk dyes like a dream!

Natural-dye color #1001 Thistle was our favorite of the reds.  It provides good value contrast—enough for the intricate "sticks and stones" design to show well, plus it blends beautifully with muga's golden color.

We decided we wanted your scarf to be a bit wider than ours, so we've made the kit SEVEN blocks wide (rather than our five blocks).

This two-shuttle scarf may take a bit more effort to weave, but the results are so worth it!  Using a 4-shaft loom, sett at 24 EPI, there are 235 ends (plus 2 floating selvages). Your finished scarf is about 8" wide x 64" woven length, plus 4-1/2" twisted fringe at each end.  

What a perfect gift for yourself or someone close to you!

Your Limited Edition Sticks & Stones Silk Scarf Kit includes:

  --585 yds (80g) of naturally gold Carmela (15/2 muga silk yarn)
  --550 yds (85g) Zola (12/2 spun silk yarn), dyed #1001 Thistle (exclusive Treenway Silks natural dye recipe)
  --4-shaft Color & Weave weaving draft

And, as a limited edition kit, once gone, these scarf kits are retired forever!

Scarf woven by Charlotte Updike for Treenway Silks

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